Organic Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry

Help your students discover organic chemistry, and make it their own.OCAGI_image

This book engages students by having them analyze data and make inferences, rather than simply memorize facts. Learning is easier and more enjoyable when students are given the opportunity to collaborate as part of a team and discover concepts for themselves.

The unique structure of each ChemActivity in this book sharpens learning skills, and teaches a student how to
think like a scientist. Their experiences working as part of a team help them hit ground running in graduate school, professional school, or research, where the ability to collaborate is a critical measure of success.

Student Comments about Organic Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry:

“The method of having us work through the material for ourselves—as opposed to being told the information and trying to absorb it—makes it seem natural or intuitive. This makes it very nice for learning new material because then we can reason it out from what we already know.”

“The format helped me retain much more material than I have ever been able to in a lecture class, and the small-group atmosphere allowed me to feel much more comfortable asking questions of both other students and the professor.”

Faculty comments about Organic Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry:

“This workbook has revolutionized the way I teach organic chemistry.  The students process the material in logical steps, are active learners in the classroom, and the end result is a deeper understanding of organic compounds and reactions. I highly recommend this book!”

Dr. Bruce J. Heyen, Tabor College

“Organic Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry is a great way to teach and learn organic chemistry.  The students love the interactive nature of class time.  I become better acquainted with each of my students, which enables me to tailor my teaching to maximize each student’s learning.  It has transformed the way I teach.”

Dr. Timothy M. Dore, University of Georgia

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